Win Alpine is an international alpine ski team. We brings superior guidance to its athletes in order for them to succeed at all levels of ski race competition, all year round. Read more about each of our programs below.


Win Alpine offers a United States Skiing Association (USSA) program that provides racers with a second to none approach to ski racing, with year round training and superior coaching. Win Alpine athletes are able to take their ski racing goals and turn them into reality. 

Athletes participating in these programs are recommended (but not required) to become members of USSA. The races and training scheduled for these two programs throughout the ski season are usually dependent on the United States Skiing Association race schedules and events. For more information about USSA, click here. There are many training and racing events scheduled throughout the season that include all age groups. Our programs differ according to age. 12-14 year olds are in our U14 program, 14-16 year olds are in our U16 program, and 16 and older are in our FIS (Federation of International Skiing) program. Win Alpine camps are open to all ski racers in all age groups. Link here for additional information on WinAlpine USSA Program and you can register online this season with our online registration and payment form

Junior Program

The Win Alpine Junior Development Team (JDT) was started to create a successful and elite junior ski team by balancing personal development, training, goal setting and competition on an individual basis. The JDT Program creates a positive learning environment for both new comers to ski racing, and those who have been a part of the club before. With training two days a week at Cannonsburg (Thursday 6:15pm - 8:15pm, Sunday 10:00 am - 12 noon). This program provides its racers with enough quality gate time to become better racers. Racers are under the age of 12 and must have the ability to load chairlifts, follow coaches instructions and demostrate the desire to learn. Exceptions are made for younger racers who are accompanied during trainign by their parent. Link here for additional information on WinAlpine JDT Program and you can register online this season with our online registration and payment form